The faces behind the camera

October 2020

CR-B TV is something that many people know and look forward to seeing. The roles of CR-B TV are the cameraman, senior Gage Mandl, and the two hosts, seniors Annie Ankenbauer and Nicolis Romick. There is also the story production crew made up of Mr. Jordan Kenkel, Mrs. Deb Davis, and freshman Skyler Dusheck. Every week, many look forward to seeing one -- the most recent and relevant news, and two -- how well the CR-B TV crew is doing on their work. To show how well the CR-B TV crew is doing on their work, they were asked how have the praises of this production motivated you to continue doing good work? 

“How the community praises (us) impacts our class,” Ankenbauer said. “The more views (on the videos), the more we can tell that we are doing something right.” Ankenbauer is a very dedicated and determined student. If something is wrong, she will try to make it right. That even applies to when producing their videos. Being a part of the crew has helped Ankenbauer to practice dedication and determination. 

“It makes me want to use CR-B TV more,” Romick said. “The praises make me feel good about myself, and I like to give information to the other students in the school or the people who look at it on the Facebook page.” Romick is someone who likes to do good things for other peoples’ benefit, and to him, having a major role in this crew is one of the many things that he enjoys doing for both himself and others. 

“Being a community member and employee of the school, I am so excited for the new programs being offered here at CR-B,” Mrs. Deb Davis said. “I love to read The Quest, have watched live footage of the games, and listened to the Crusader announcements. With the pandemic going on, this is a very nice service for people to take advantage of that cannot attend these events.”

As you can see, there are many things that the CR-B TV crew and the community have benefited from. CR-B TV has successfully kept the Coon Rapids-Bayard community up to date on the important things around the school.

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