Reading rocks

April 2022

On March 4, Coon Rapids-Bayard hosted “Camp Read A Lot,” a literacy night that was part of Reading Across America Week. This event had parents and students engaged in a fun community event centered around reading. 

“Camp Read A Lot” had many stations set up for everyone to participate. There was a storyteller station where high school students read to smaller Crusaders. Kids could go in tents and read books about camping, and they could shine flashlights on sight words that were on stars on the ceiling of the tents. Singer-songwriter/author/artist Chad Elliott would perform a new song or story every 20 minutes. The CR-B Education Foundation also purchased 250 books that were all at different levels for students to take home after the event.

“The night was a huge success,” said Brianna Maschman, elementary principal and district curriculum director. “We had 83 students plus most of them brought one or two parents. I got to be the storyteller. It was really great to see all of the kids and families come in and enjoy the act of reading. I loved when kids got to choose a book to take home.” 

“I learned a lot about what types of books I'm interested in,” said Sophie Stalter, a third grader. 

“Being able to give students a voice and choice in selecting their reading material is such an important part in becoming who they want to be," Maschman said. “It starts even when they are really little.”

The 2022 Literacy Night proved to be an evening where students and parents came together to enhance academic performance through engaging activities.