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A career of countless memories

April 2024

“I’ve had goats try to get on before when driving south of town,” Sandie Cady,  a CR-B bus driver, said with a chuckle. “Of course, dogs have tried to get on, too.”


For a little over five decades, Cady has not only helped thousands of Crusaders off and on a school bus, but she’s also had to keep some unwelcome creatures from visiting. During her 51 years of driving for the Coon Rapids-Bayard School District, Cady remembers driving up to seven different routes and working for four different transportation directors. With all of these interactions, Cady has made countless memories during her time as a Crusader. 


“I’ve gone so many places that I wouldn’t probably have gone to before,” Cady said. 


While traveling to and from these places, Cady said she simply enjoys being with all of the children and CR-B staff members that have accompanied her. She laughed when she recalled a student pointing to a brown cow and asking if that’s where chocolate milk came from. 


“Laurie Rollefson also always made me laugh,” Cady said. “Her and her volleyball assistant would always bicker, and I had to stop them,” she smirked.


Fifty-one years of traveling is not enough for Cady, as she said she is eager to continue to work for at least one more year.


“The kids probably want me to quit,” Cady laughed. “But, I’ve always had good kids, and we will just see what the future holds.”

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