A new perspective...

September 2021


With the start of a new academic year, Coon Rapids-Bayard students and teachers look to grow personally and professionally. Being a Crusader is something students and staff take pride in, and they strive to be the best versions of themselves each school year. 

Mrs. Brianna Maschman is the new PK-5th principal and curriculum director at CR-B. Not only does she bring a wealth of knowledge on research-based teaching strategies, but she also brings a fresh new perspective on Crusader spirit. Mrs. Paula Davis, 7-8th grade language arts instructor, is one of the many Crusaders seeing the benefits of Maschman’s presence. 

“A professional goal we have is we want to as a whole system really continue communicating with our communities,” Maschman said. “I just have so much love for both of these communities, and I want us to have as much of a partnership as we can.” 

Maschman is working with the elementary staff to clarify their reporting methods so parents can better understand how their students are performing. Davis is also looking to improve some of her teaching methods. 

“I am working on my assessments,” Davis said. “I’m working on making sure that I’m actually grading what I mean to be grading.”

By improving their practices, Maschman and Davis know a unified Crusader nation can be created.  

“Crusaders care about one another and care about their world,” Maschman said. “They look for ways to make it better and that means they have to be problem solvers, team members, and communicators.”

“This is my 32nd year being a Crusader,” Davis said. “I just like it when I see school pride and people loving this place.”

“I am just so excited to get to know not only the staff but the students as well,” Maschman concluded. “Just building those relationships makes coming to work super exciting for me and super fun.”