Learning valuable lessons

February 2021

This year especially, learning has been challenging given all of the “other” things teachers and students have had to deal with. Ms. Kelso, a third grade teacher at Coon Rapids-Bayard, is working hard to make learning as meaningful as she can.

Despite the challenges of this year, Kelso has set clear goals for her students through structured activities. Students begin their days with engaging meetings and continue to learn through hands-on experiences. 

“Some things that have been challenging for us have been to improve on our facts, retaining them to use them in story problems, and sometimes, retelling what we read can be hard,” Kelso said.   

According to Kelso, her students have been working hard to expand knowledge over the life cycle of plants. They have also been challenging themselves during recess to get along with each other and work together to problem solve. 

“Recess has also been a challenge at times because of the competitiveness between peers,” she said. 

Some more things Kelso’s class has been working on is multiplication and starting into division facts. They have also been working on comprehension and reading skills. This can be difficult at times because the year prior school got canceled before most of the kids could learn the things they were supposed to learn that year. Plus, an overly extended summer vacation caused a lot of the younger kids to forget things from the prior year.

This year has also presented many positives, including Kelso “taking” her students on a virtual visit of Ellis Island and allowing them to conduct their own science investigations.

“These hands-on experiences have given them opportunities first hand to see what we are talking about in class or reading about,” Kelso said.

Though this year has brought its challenges, CR-B staff has stayed strong to make the year exciting and interesting.

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