Growing as leaders

September 2022

FFA members who attend the Washington Leadership Conference gain essential skills while being exposed to the history of our nation's capital.

Courtney Schroeder, CR-B FFA advisor, helped three students grow as leaders during the month of July. Lauren Derner, Laura Anthofer, and Peyton Schultes learned skills that they will apply every day both in and out of the classroom. This trip not only made an impact on them while they were in Washington D.C., but it will also leave a lasting impact in the future.

“The purpose of going on this trip was to gain skills to use for not only the rest of high school but for the rest of our life as well,” Anthofer said. “We also had a focus on gaining leadership in our community and country by meeting with state representatives to discuss current local problems.”

“The trip positively impacted me as a person by teaching me how to be a better person for the world,” Schultes said. “It made me realize that our world needs leaders like FFA members.”

The Washington Leadership Conference gave students a new experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.