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Weighing in

January 2023

According to Brady Johnson, a Coon Rapids-Bayard PE instructor, all students now have a “consistent development opportunity.”  

At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, CR-B added a new weightlifting class for high school students. The program allows students another option for physical activity other than PE. The benefits of the weightlifting room being in house are already being seen. CR-B has now provided an easier opportunity for students to better themselves every day. 

“Having a weight class really helps me in all the sports I participate in,” said Cade Behrens, a junior. “I can tell I have improved my strength and athletic ability. I really like to max out because it shows how much I've improved.”

“Having a weight class ensures that I am more responsible with my workouts,” said Shelbi Wiskus, a junior. “I have really seen progress in my strength and conditioning. I will continue to try to beat my PRS.” 

“Having weight class helps me to focus on what I need to improve on,” said Chance Schultes, a junior. “It's nice to have Coach Johnson right in the room because he can give me immediate feedback. I am really looking forward to continuing to get stronger.”

All CR-B students, not just athletes, have been grateful for the new weightlifting classes because it provides them with another opportunity to become more active and healthier. Students and teachers are seeing the benefits, and they hope to see more in the following years with this new program.

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