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January 2023

“This year, we have over 40 students participating in the musical either on stage, as stage crew, or with our technical crew of lights and sounds,” said Rebecca Fiscus, Coon Rapids-Bayard musical director.

This year's Disney Musical, Beauty and the Beast, will be held in the Coon Rapids-Bayard auditorium from March 24-26, 2023. Since November, students have been auditioning for the various roles in the musical, and the cast is now set. 

“The main thing I hope to achieve is just getting out of my comfort zone more,” said Lillian Kolars who plays Belle in the musical.  “Being on stage in front of a lot of people is a scary thing, so I hope that I am able to gain a little more confidence in myself.” 

“I plan to do my best and am hoping for a great performance,” said Lucas Shirbroun who plays the Beast. “It will hopefully achieve maximum entertainment.” 

“My favorite part of being a lead is being able to actively participate in practices and being an important part of the team,” said Lucas Obert, better known as Gaston. 

“This year's musical will be the largest production I have done since I started working at CR-B,” Fiscus said. “There are a lot more sets, props, costumes, and dancing than the past three shows.”

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