Making the most of things

October 2020

Anything goes went out the window, no dance, no pep rally. Everything was definitely different for the 2020 Crusader homecoming. All of the regular events were adjusted due to the pandemic and some of them were even cancelled. Still, students made the best of things. 

This year, students, staff, and parents adjusted to the unique circumstances to make the 2020 Crusader homecoming still memorable to the Coon Rapids and Bayard communities. Students and staff talked about how this homecoming was unique and how they will always remember it. 

“Everyone looks forward to homecoming week more than any other week,” Makayla James, sophomore, said. “We really got into anything goes, but this year was nothing like the past years. What I will always remember about this homecoming is to be grateful for what you have. Never take what you have for granted. Don’t ruin so many amazing things that could’ve been amazing just because you were sad.”

"Homecoming this year was so unique and different for us all definitely because of COVID," Kadey Olson, sophomore, said. "It made things very challenging, but I think that CR-B staff and teachers really helped all of us make the best of it." 

Amy McAlister, a staff member at CR-B and the one who played the Wicked Witch of the West in the parents’ skit, said, “We as a group of parents took the initiative to still keep the traditions of this town’s homecoming festivities going. The tradition of this town is what was important to us, so that is why we did it.”

There was a parade, there was a jersey auction, there was a pep rally, even though it looked different. CR-B came together to fight off the pandemic and make this homecoming one for the books. Students and staff knew things were going to be different, but they still made the best of things.

Photos by Natural Expression Photography

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