Making memories

April 2021

In high school, one of the most important things to have is a car, as you can make memories for a lifetime by spending time with friends and family. There always seems to be a backstory that you'll be able to tell people and laugh about.

Freshman Toby Benninger recently was surprised with a truck, and he is already making memories. 

“I was getting ready to go to weights, and my dad pulled in the driveway with my truck to surprise me,” Benninger said.

“Driving to school is pretty easy,” he continued. “It’s only a mile here and back. It’s not very hard. Just don’t be silly. Overall, it’s pretty nice.”

Benninger was quick to share one of his memories.

 “We were going ice fishing and went through this field, but we didn't know how deep the snow was, so we kept going and went through three-foot snow drifts,” he said.

Since Benninger is only a freshman, he hasn't experienced as many memories as other people, but every day he is continuing to make more and more.

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