Crusader pride

April 2022

The 2021-2022 school year fortunately looked a little more “normal” compared to last year’s post-pandemic changes. Virtual Wednesdays and the wearing of masks were no longer a thing, so a more normal routine was created.

Staff and students recounted memorable moments of this school year. Everyone enjoyed unique experiences, but one thing was the same for everyone. Each person knows what it means to be a Crusader.

“A CR-B Crusader believes in each other and they believe in ‘the pursuit of more,’ constantly striving to do better, be better, and achieve better together,” said Brianna Maschman, elementary principal and district curriculum director. “This year has been filled with highs for me – memories I’ll take with me for a lifetime and each one of them bears a special student’s face.”

“Being a Crusader means showing up every day ready to learn and grow,” said Amanda Miller, 6-12 principal. “You want to represent the black and red in the classroom and on the field of competition." 

“I would say being a Crusader means you have pride in your school and are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to keep it great,” said Eric Trager, district superintendent. “I would have to say the fact that we were able to have a relatively normal year was pretty awesome.”

“To me, being a Crusader means to have integrity, determination, and to be kind,” said Brynn Bass, a CR-B senior. “My favorite part of this year is the many games of UNO that we have played as a class during our free time. Games get a little too competitive sometimes, however, we always end up having a blast.”

Other members of the class of 2022, including Noah Heck, Bridget Shirbroun, Morgen Hart, and Mia Leighty will also cherish their time being a Crusader, especially their final year at CR-B.

“Being a Crusader means you have Crusader P.R.I.D.E.,” Heck said. “Crusader P.R.I.D.E. means you are prepared and you have respect, integrity, determination, and excellence. This year, it’s been really fun participating in events with classmates, like the FFA National Convention and doing sound for the Grease musical.”

“To be a Crusader means to be a family,” Shirbroun said. “We are super supportive in our community together. I really enjoyed going to all of the sporting events and supporting our school. I loved going to school and having fun with all of my friends.”

“Being a Crusader means to be supportive for one another while building life-long friendships we will cherish for many years,” Hart said. “I have loved being around my friends each and every day and playing Crazy Eight or UNO.”

“A Crusader means to have determination and integrity,” Leighty said. “You also have pride in everything you do. My favorite part of this year and every year has been homecoming. I just love having everyone home and all the school spirit.”

Being a Crusader is something all CR-B staff and students take to heart. Each school year presents new challenges, but one thing is for certain – Crusaders will always prevail.