Bigger and better

September 2021

The student section has always been a part of Coon Rapids-Bayard. Students who are not participating in the sport are in the bleachers cheering on their team. This year, the student section has added some spice. 

Hannah Wurzer, a senior at CRB, is involved with the student section. She helps decide what students should wear to support the football players each game. All CR-B students have also voted on a name for the student section to bring about some unity.   

“I voted for the Crusader Alphas,” Wurzer said. 

Marissa Dembinski, CR-B athletic director, came up with the idea to name the student section. High school students created a list of possible names and narrowed their choices down to their top five -- CR-B Alphas, ‘Sader Section, The Bench, Crusader Couch, and Crusader Chaos. On Thursday, Sept. 16, Crusader Chaos was announced as the winner.  

“We’re trying to get the student section more involved and try to come together as one,” Dembinski said. “My goal is to make the student section show more school spirit and support our team.”

Not only does the name unify the student section, but so does Wurzer’s actions before each game. 

“We throw around ideas and then vote to decide for the student section themes,” she said. 

When a theme is decided, word goes around to all students and everyone wears the appropriate attire for the game.

“It helps us cheer on the guys we grew up with, and we get to be there with friends,” Wurzer concluded.