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Joining forces

March 2023

After writing an essay, obtaining several teacher referrals, and going through a complete interview process, CR-B sophomore Lucas Obert was chosen to serve as an officer for the southwest district of the Iowa Association of Student Councils Foundation (IASC). 

Due to Obert playing a lead role in the 2023 CR-B musical, Beauty and the Beast, he was unable to attend an initiation banquet in Des Moines on March 26 or the spring advisors conference for the IASC on Monday, March 27. After a future initiation ceremony, Obert will meet with other officers and district board members from across the state to discuss the group’s plans and expectations for the newly inducted officers. He will also help to brainstorm ideas to implement with the high school student councils across Iowa.

“I’ll be trying to make changes to both CR-B and the state student council,” Obert said. 

Obert, who is one of three officers representing high school student councils in southwest Iowa, noted how important it is to have effective communication between individual high school student councils and the state student council members. 

“I can't wait to be officially installed as part of the IASC and get to work,” Obert concluded.

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