Prepping for the future

November 2020

With all of the pandemic issues that have been flying around this year, life in general, like our jobs, have changed a little bit. Now when you're at work, you are expected to keep your mask on your entire shift, you always have to be cleaning the registers and window guards and wash and sanitize your hands every few customers. These are just a few precautions that Frohlich’s Super Valu has taken part in to keep our community safe. 

Many students at Coon Rapids-Bayard hold jobs to better help them prepare for their futures. Sophomore Kaydence Gagnon is one student working during high school.

“You get more experience with new people and you learn lots of new things,” Gagnon said when asked what some of the benefits are to working during high school. “They also teach you how to cook certain foods and how to clean certain objects or areas.”

As for the challenges, Gagnon said, “Some of the challenges with working there would be giving correct change back or figuring out how much food you need to make that day.” 

Now, Gagnon is “trying to save it (the money) up to help pay for college, but I normally end up spending half my check on snacks.” 

Gagnon is working really hard these last few months with everything going on relating to the pandemic, and she’s taking the safe precautions when it comes to her health. With all of these efforts, she is learning to use skills that could eventually help her in the future, and she is trying to save her money for the right reasons.

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