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Growing as an athlete...

April 2021

Track may be a grueling sport, but it’s also a worthwhile experience for the athletes. Athletes learn a lot about themselves, they give their full potential when it comes to running for the team, and they also better themselves every day.

Sophomore Kadey Olson shared what she is looking forward to most this track season. 

“I would say that I am definitely looking forward to bettering myself this season and making memories with my team,” Olson said. “I can’t wait to get to know my team better, create new bonds, and make myself the best runner I can be.”

“One of my biggest goals for this season is to make my endurance better and get faster,” she continued. “I’ve always been a sprinter, but I’ve gotten the interest in running distance, and I think that it is something new that I’ll be trying this year. Also getting faster is a big goal for me. I can always improve on my speed.”

“My motivation for doing track is to make myself a better athlete,” Olson concluded. “Running will not only get me in better shape, but it also plays a big part in softball and will help me greatly with that as well. I will continue to always try my best and keep myself motivated.”

Running isn't just going to help Olson stay physically sound, but it's also going to help her grow as a person since she is taking on new challanges.

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