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Spring, summer athletes are forward thinking

April 2024

“It’s very hard to learn stuff at first but overtime I know I’ll do better,” said Coleman Heiderscheit, a first-year golfer.


With every new season comes new sports and with new sports comes new challenges and rewarding experiences. CR-B golf, track, softball, and baseball athletes shared what Crusader fans should expect this spring and summer. 


Right now, we are just having a lot of fun and enjoying ourselves,” Heiderscheit added. “Meeting some of the other teams and seeing how they play differently is what I’m looking forward to.”


“The weather has been a big challenge,” said Tyresse Floyd, a sophomore on the boys track team. “It’s difficult to run in the cold but we use it as motivation. I know we can make it to state this year, and I’m ready to leave our mark.”  


“Track athletes have been really busy with the musical, so that has been impacting practices,” said Izzy Reiling, a sophomore discus and shot-put thrower. “We really try to make the most out of our practices when we have them, and we make sure we have fun. I not only want to throw better but just make my teammates better all around.”


Softball and baseball athletes are also in the thick of things.


“I think we are all going to try to focus on working together,” said sophomore Maddy Mason. “We are working on different things we can do like hitting. I am looking forward to games because I just like being in action. Hitting will be a challenge and so will pitching because of some injuries we have.”


“Everyone has been making it to morning pitching and batting, and we are just trying to get as good as possible in the off season,” said Kolby Culbertson, a senior entering his last high school baseball season. “I’m looking forward to trying to make it to state and winning the conference again.”


These spring athletes have already competed in a couple golf and track meets and are learning from these previous experiences. Softball and baseball athletes are putting their best foot forward this offseason in order to achieve success this summer.  

*Sports photos by Alisa Venteicher Photography 

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