Two is better than one

January 2022

Cheerleading is making a comeback at CR-B. Under the direction of first-year coach Theresa Havlik, two basketball cheer squads are becoming bigger and better. 

Serena Miller, a junior on the CR-B cheerleading squad, is seeing the positives of having a larger squad this year.

“Having a bigger squad makes people better, and we are able to have a rotation between cheerleaders,” Miller said. “I really enjoy getting to know the girls and learning the cheers. The best part has been making new friends.” 

Everyone is excited that the cheer teams’ numbers are larger this year. More people have joined because they see others having fun. Shyla Greene, a junior at CR-B, joined basketball cheer this year.  

“With having bigger numbers of cheerleaders, we are able to have the red squad and black squad,” Greene said. “It’s fun having two different squads because I get to go to basketball games and try to get the crowd excited from the bleachers.” 

With the bigger numbers, the squad is bringing more spirit to the crowd.