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New opportunities

January 2023

According to Salma Heyak, a Mexican-American actress, “Life is about creating new opportunities, not waiting for them to come to you.”

Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a new club targeted towards learning real-world skills. The advisor, Marissa Wiskus, saw a need for students to become more engaged with one another. Through this club, she hopes students will be able to enhance their lives beyond high school.  

“FCCLA is a student-run organization designed to help students be better adults after graduation,” Wiskus said. “It gives them leadership opportunities by communicating between other people.” 

“This program is very interesting,” said Jeffrey Lewis, a sophomore. “I’m most excited for all of the events that we will hold.”

“I’m excited because it’s really geared towards family and consumer sciences,” said Abby Hofbauer, a senior. “I’m looking forward to our fundraisers.”

“I’m really excited to see how far we go in competitions,” said Leah Larsen, a junior. “It will be fun to be with a group of people that have a common goal.”

This past November, students attended a leadership conference in Des Moines where they attended various seminars and learned how to better provide emotional support. This Valentine’s Day, FCCLA students are planning to carry out a bake sale to raise money for future expenses and traveling. Students are looking forward to holding more events in future years. 

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