Another huge success

November 2020

Big pumpkins, small pumpkins, white pumpkins, and orange pumpkins -- these are just a few of the many varied pumpkins that the CR-B FFA Chapter dealt with this year. During the fall, the CR-B FFA Chapter was having loads of fun along with loads of pumpkins. At the beginning of spring, the FFA chapter planted over 250 pumpkin seeds, and throughout the year, they nurtured, cared, and loved the pumpkins so they could get as big as possible. A couple of the jobs that the pumpkin crew had were to pull weeds and to water. As the time came nearer, more and more jobs came along, such as rolling pumpkins over and picking them. 

Throughout the years, this FFA chapter has done fruit sales, Greenhand Fireup, the annual Veterans Day breakfast, and many other events, but this was their first time having their own pumpkin patch. 

Imagine being stuck in a desk all day, working hard on learning and then you get to seventh period, and you have no idea what Mrs. Courtney Schroeder has in store for you. That’s how students feel every day. Thank goodness they love Mrs. Schroeder and she loves them because during the late summer and early fall, Mrs. Schoreder would have her Agronomy class load up the clippers and the ground punch into the SUV and head out to the CR-B FFA Chapter’s first pumpkin patch. 

“The pumpkin patch was a big fundraiser for the FFA chapter,” Schroeder said. “There was a lot of importance and learning opportunities for students to see the seeds grow to the big pumpkins they once were. Seeing this also helped students understand the importance of harvesting and how harvesting crops helps so many people. With this being a fundraiser, it also helped students learn about marketing.” 

Pumpkin pie and jack-o-lanterns are just a few things the Coon Rapids-Bayard community could use the CR-B FFA pumpkins for. If you participated in the pumpkin patch, you loved it. If you were the one giving free will donations for the pumpkins, you loved it. There are very few things that the FFA chapter does that people all don’t love. 

“There were lots of learning opportunities with this event such as learning how to plant the seeds, watering and finding that happy medium, along with harvesting,” Lauren Derner, junior, said. 

“It was important to me because I got to spend extra time with my friends doing what we love,” she continued. “It was also special to see how the whole FFA chapter could be united, especially in uncertain times. One thing that really stood out to me was seeing how we could help the community. It was fun seeing all the people smiling with their families as they picked out what pumpkin was just right for their family.”

The Coon Rapids-Bayard FFA Chapter wants to thank Dave and Linda Schroeder for allowing them to have the pumpkin patch on their property and for helping take care of the pumpkins throughout the year.

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