Best buds

April 2022

The Coon Rapids-Bayard student council organized a “buddy day” this year, which ended in a success. Student council set up many exciting activities with many goals like building relationships with older and younger students, getting the sense of personal belonging, developing tolerance for respecting differences, and practicing effective communication skills. 

Before all the fun activities, the older students spent some time finding their buddy and getting to know them while waiting for lunch. Once lunch was handed out and eaten, the kids participated in a 22-item checklist and a 22-minute dance party. After the dance party, buddies collected their Twix bars for a snack. Initially, buddy day was to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022, but due to a snow day, it was held the following day. Activities like the checklist and dance party were inspired from the “TWOsday” theme. 

“I enjoyed meeting all the elementary kids and having a buddy that was in third grade because I don’t really see them often,” said Violet Johnson, a freshman. “It was nice to spend time with them, and I learned how to be a better role model for the younger kids.” 

“The dancing part and the fun activities were awesome,” said Carter Williams, a sixth grader. “The ‘Cupid Shuffle’ was my favorite.” 

“The music choices were great, and the kids had a blast,” said Toby Benninger, a sophomore. “It was fun to entertain the kids.” 

“I liked getting to know my buddy and having fun with her,” said Rylee List, an eighth grader. “Making friends with little kids is pretty fun.”

“Doing the activities at lunch was my favorite part,” said Gage Woodard, a second grader. “I learned how to be a good friend.”

Buddy day was an epic success. It brought all of the CR-B students together for a unique experience. It turned out to be an event everyone really enjoyed, as it helped students get out of their comfort zones, they tried new things, and they got to know more people.