Teamwork to a "T"

October 2020

Between cheerleading and football, COVID is striking hard on the two groups, but they are persevering. Some cheerleaders and football managers were asked how have they been working together as a team to make this year a success?

Harley Sawyer, junior, said, “This year has been a bit more different than past years. We have only four cheerleaders out, including myself. We are hoping during basketball season we can all work on things we struggled with in football season.”

Ellie Reiling, sophomore, said, “It makes cheer way more fun with four people because we can do more things than just cheering. Our coach, Alisa, really helped and tried her hardest to keep us looking the best we could be.”

Football manager Madison Mohr, a senior, said, “I would say that us as football managers have worked together and kept each other accountable for sanitizing and helping keep everyone safe. We all love watching the boys play and want them to have a successful season, so our responsibility of sanitizing is very important, and we take that seriously. I love being a football manager with all my friends. There is no place I would rather spend my Friday nights in the fall.”

“Well, with COVID this year, things are looking a little different,” Mia Leighty, junior, said. “Each team member has their own bucket where they keep their own water bottles, hand sanitizer, and anything else they need. With there being five water girls, we all work together to keep everything working smoothly. We make sure to sanitize the boys hands and keep them hydrated.”

Even with COVID impacting these groups, they try their hardest to keep their teams safe. With the success of all fall sports teams, the efforts of the cheerleaders and football managers are clearly having an effect.

Photos by Natural Expression Photography

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